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I made 313 detroit so I can sell cool shirts and meet cool people. Shop my store and like my page on facebook.

My shirts are made in Detroit. We try to keep our stuff classy. Visit my 313 store.

The site is managed by volunteers and the site costs a lot of money to run so extra help is cool.

313 detroit is for cool stuff going on around town.. Film stars, podcasts, journalists, musicians upload your work with the 313 community.

313 Local News
  • Residents expressed concern that they would be priced out. Councilwoman Janee Ayer received feedback from the community: "We need to hear from the voices of the people that live directly behind the fairgrounds. So everybody needs to be involved in that conversation."
  • A purchase price of $90 million puts the purchase price at $150 per square foot for the 600,000-square-foot depot, which has long been seen as emblematic of a city that decayed over decades.

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313detroit.us is currently in development. developers & curators wanted.